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Sun Screens and Cladding Systems

Sun Screens and Cladding Systems

Sun screens are far more effective at cooling an office, than tinted windows. Externally fitted screens intercept sun rays before they pass through the glass reducing solar heat gain by upto 80%! This reduction can reduce the cost of mechanical air conditioning and pay for it self many times over. While the sun burns intensely outside, enjoy the comfortable, cool and productive working environment that Weather Master provides.

Weather Master is the perfect solution for sun control giving you the following benefits:

Heat reduction
Glare protection
UV protection

Weather Master sun screens and cladding systems are:

Cost effective
Cost saving
Energy saving
Aesthetically pleasing
Tailor made to specification
These adjustable screens can be fitted with the louvre blades in a vertical or horizontal position between columns or window sills, or onto purpose made structures. A1 screens are the most versatile form of sun protection since heat and light regulation can be adjusted as desired.
  • Screens can be adjusted manually by handle, with or without a locking device.
  • A motorized option with a wired control panel or remote control is also available.
  • Colours can be done in any standard Colourbond colour, or powder coated according to specification.
A7 screens can be clip fitted vertical, horizontal, inverted or at an angle onto Weather Master type stringers, to fit in with the requirements and design of a building. Mounting brackets can be standard or purpose made i.e. by making use of laser cutting.
D5 sun screens also referred to as aerofoil blades, offers the same features and benefits as the Type A1 sun screens. The profile of the blades is however double sided, and can span over much longer distances without structural support.















Reduce solar heat gain by as much as 80% with a Weather Master sun screen!